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December 23, 2014

2015: The Death or Birth of SEO?

2015: The Death or Birth of SEO?

It’s 2015, and we still think SEO is dying?

Before we get into a back and forth about the overall question, let me put this to rest fairly quickly. A Fortune 200 company just used our technology at Market Brew to generate the equivalent traffic of $270k / month on Google AdWords, for less than 5% of that cost. And we did this, over and over again, throughout 2014.

How Did We Do That? SEO.

Summary: SEO is not dead or dying. SEO just got really, really technical.

Columnist Tom Schmitz just did a very thorough article entitled “The Decade is Half Over: Where SEO Has Been & Where It’s Going”. I love Tom, he’s a great contributor to our industry. However, there are some myths that he has repeated that I’d like to take the time to clear up, as we close out 2014.

“Many SEOs are leaving the profession. Several are becoming content marketers or inbound marketers. They still include SEO in their work, but they’ve broadened their scope, because for them SEO is too limited.

As an industry insider for almost a decade now, let me to clear some things up for the outsider to our industry. What is actually happening right now is this: Google has turned SEO into a technical world, one that the majority of its previous participants, who are decidedly non-technical, do not know how to live in. This, in turn, has created a tremendous vacuum, which is being filled by companies like Market Brew and people like me. The industry is pivoting hard-core.

Because of this, the majority of professional SEOs and agencies are claiming that they are “broadening their scope of SEO” by associating things like social media and content promotion with SEO; when in reality, all they are really doing is giving up on SEO (it got too technical) and switching to something they can still understand.

THIS is what SEO will look like in 2015:

At Market Brew, as many of you know, we took the opposite approach and built our technology from the ground up. Because of this, we are now able to see search engine ranking distances across all keywords.

Since we built an actual search engine from the ground up, we are now in the envious position to be one of the only SEO platforms that are not only still working, but are creating incredible revenue multiples for clients as of late 2014. And all of this is white-hat.

Let’s get back to the big faux pas mentioned in Search Engine Land’s article:

“Back to the early days: As smart as last decade’s Google was, the SEO community managed to isolate the important ranking factors long before anyone conducted a decent correlation study…You might argue that the height of SEO knowledge coincided with the launch of Caffeine….Is the period of discovery over?”

Tom, I am always here to fill in the blanks! Call me the Matt Cutts of whatever, but I don’t have a (big) PR filter like Matt has. And although I have never looked at a line of Google code, I have indeed built a high-performing search engine model. You claimed that the height of the SEO industry’s knowledge may have been when Caffeine was released 4 years ago, but I can tell you that we were just then launching a full-scale BETA release of our search engine model, correlated and tested for 2 years previous to that, only 4 years later to be able to predict search engine rankings 60 days before they happen.

I can tell you, without hesitation, that we have indeed grown in technology faster than anyone else here at Market Brew could imagine. But there is so much more. Yes, Virginia, the period of discovery is just beginning.