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January 13, 2019

Market Brew Integrates Google’s Chrome JavaScript Engine

Market Brew Integrates Google’s Chrome JavaScript Engine

Palo Alto, CA ‒ Market Brew, the leading A.I. platform for SEO, has swapped its current JavaScript engine out for Google’s Chrome JavaScript engine.

Google publicly announced their JavaScript capabilities in 2014, but Market Brew’s founders and CTO, Scott Stouffer, said his team had discovered that Google had these capabilities as far back as 2008. “We integrated our own JavaScript engine into the technology stack for our clients, so they could see how Google viewed their pages. This recent advancement to Market Brew’s platform is just a continuation of that mindset.”

Market Brew’s platform now precisely replicates what users see on Google’s Chrome browser. Market Brew can execute JavaScript like AJAX requests and parse CSS and other DOM-manipulating elements, which is where competitive platforms struggle. “One of the benefits of using Chrome is that your JavaScript tests will be executed in the same environment as users of your site,” said Eric Bidelman, an engineer at Google.

“This is a step forward in scalability and performance for the Market Brew modeling platform, and clients will now benefit from understanding exactly what Google sees when it crawls their site,” said Stouffer. While Market Brew has maintained that its current JavaScript rendering capabilities are first class, the integration with Google’s Chrome technology no doubt cements itself as an important piece in Market Brew’s search engine modeling offering.

Stouffer said that this decision also streamlines its technology offering. “In the past, we had clients using workarounds. Prerendering, escaped fragments (the old AJAX crawling scheme), and other server-side hacks are no longer needed. What you see on a Chrome browser, what Googlebot sees, is exactly what Market Brew’s crawlers now see.”

Market Brew was started by search engineers in Palo Alto, as a unique alternative to the growing number of enterprise SEO tools and platforms pretending to provide insight into Google by simply regurgitating already public ranking data.

With Market Brew, there is NO black box — Market Brew is a “generic” search engine that calibrates (transforms) itself into whatever search engine environment the user wants. This unique process uses artificial intelligence to machine learn the behavior and characteristics of the target search engine, and adjust thousands of algorithmic weightings within its Search Engine Model. Once calibrated, users can explore the search engine model — almost like having their very own Google Simulator.

Market Brew’s patented Search Engine Model allows teams to precisely identify each type of issue within their site, and automatically prioritize those items by comparing millions of keyword and competitive environments to determine which opportunities provide the biggest upward movement for the least amount of optimization. And it does this every time a change is made to your (or your competitor’s) site.

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