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Already have an SEO agency and you'd like them to use this technology on your site? We don't blame you. Lots of SEO agencies think they are software companies, but they're not. Let us do the search engineering, and leave them to do what they do best, SEO! Together we are an unstoppable force.

Ask them to contact us directly and we will provide a complimentary demo for your site and one of its keywords.

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The Most Powerful SEO Software In The Industry

We're looking forward to chatting with you and your team in our upcoming demo by clicking the Book a Demo link above.

The Market Brew license gives your team everything they need to ensure the most Google friendly and competitive site with regards to ranking organically, allowing them to quickly A/B test different designs to see which ones work best. 

No other tool on the market can do this, because they are all looking outside of a black box and don't have the granularity of our patented approach. 

In addition, as a licensee, you have a full-stack SEO solution. The Market Brew license not only includes access to industry -leading data, but also includes year round support from a dedicated Solutions Team, who are in turn supported by a team of search engineers.

✅ Before the meeting, please take a moment to review:

  • Requires a minimum 150 Ranking Blueprints per year commitment
  • All licenses include professional support from a dedicated Solutions Team
  • Can be used on any of your sites
  • Unlimited user seats / accounts for your team and / or third-party agencies

Please note: we do NOT offer demos or pilot programs. Market Brew is currently supply-limited, and our expectation is that, after the personalized demo and the case studies and references provided, your team should have all the technical due diligence materials needed to decide whether or not you want to license our software.
Before the meeting, please take a moment to review the story of Market Brew and why we are unique:

reseller license

A Turnkey Offering For SEO Agencies: The Market Brew Reseller License

Market Brew is a team of search engineers. We are a technology partner with multiple local and national agencies, who together provide a full-stack SEO solution for thousands of marketing teams.

If you are interested in participating in Market Brew's order flow you must become a partner with Market Brew by obtaining a Reseller License. Partners receive 50% wholesale pricing, direct support and training from our search engineer team.

  • Requires a minimum 150 Ranking Blueprints per year commitment
  • Establishing a wholesale pricing structure to maximize profitability through the sale of models to clientele
  • We provide guidance on the entire sales funnel if needed: lead generation to closing
  • Gain access to a proven advertising model
  • Our search engineers will participate in your larger prospect demos if requested
  • Training on how to close large accounts using Market Brew's prospecting / sales tools and proven methods
  • Market Brew search engineers support your team during the fulfillment process, including addressing any new features that your clients are requesting

The Reseller Agreement comes with a sales funnel strategy that was refined over five years of successfully closing large brands.

It discusses exactly how to generate leads, how to qualify those leads, and how to close and service your own market Brew Accounts using the Market Brew software and your administrative account. 

Your agency gets 150 Ranking Blueprints instantly loaded into your account ready for use or sale. Additional usage above the yearly minimum is billed at 50% wholesale pricing.

Market Brew is designed with the agency in mind with all the backend tools you will need to successfully support your clients.

Your team can create, edit, review and manage your clients with customizable pricing, transaction history, and the ability to set client account limits. These management solutions empower your team to freely float between clients, and as your client base inevitably grows to support them all with ease.

We look forward to learning more about your business and discussing how Market Brew can expand your agency’s offering and revenue.

Here is a sample demo we did for another agency:

leaders choose market brew

What Leaders Think About Market Brew

For one client, within 3 weeks, we were able to get them from position 80 to position 1 on Google, and that honestly blew us all away.

Neural Digital

We saw a huge spike in traffic...highly recommend it, one of the best marketing investments I've made.

Founder of RentLingo and Former Head of Growth, Nextdoor

Everyone who's doing Enterprise SEO should look at Market Brew. I've really fallen in love with their adaptive model approach.

CEO of Intellifluence

I've used it for several years in client sites and in-house...couldn't give Market Brew a higher recommendation.

Sr. SEO Strategist

Market Brew is like if Google Search Engineers had built a platform to show us exactly what Google wants to see.

Sr. SEO Strategist