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SEO Services Guarantee

When you hear the phrase “service guarantee,” it’s time to ask questions. 

SEO service guarantees signify expertise and proven systems or a red flag for broken promises and less-than-ideal practices. 

Search engine optimization services are the foundation of every business’s customer growth and marketing strategy. With so many agencies offering SEO services on the market, finding a dependable agency is a long and painful process. 

Many agencies offer an SEO services guarantee that promises to provide desired results to businesses within a short period. For inexperienced business owners, this concept is appealing. However, SEO service guarantees often guarantee empty promises rather than proven results.

To help you determine if you should work with an agency that has an SEO service guarantee, ask yourself: 

We will walk you through the following:

By the end, you will be fully prepared to determine if an SEO service guarantee works for your business.

What is an SEO Service Guarantee?

SEO service guarantees are SEO services that promise businesses specific search engine rankings and results. Certain agencies offer guaranteed SEO services to attract inexperienced companies hoping to achieve higher rankings and increase traffic using organic SEO practices. An SEO service guarantee is often a blanket process offered to various industries and is not commonly customized to fit a business’s goals and needs.


Can SEO be guaranteed?

SEO practices require realistic time estimates and results. Therefore, we cannot provide an SEO guarantee. Instead, an SEO team should focus on delivering consistent work that follows SEO best practices.

A first-page guarantee is different from a position-one guarantee. Generally, we understand guaranteed SEO results to be a scam in the SEO industry. These guarantees are impractical, unethical, and impossible to sustain.

Many search engines, such as Google, warn businesses to avoid guaranteed SEO services. Search engines do not advise employing SEO service guarantees due to the tactics involved in achieving that promise. While SEO services can significantly boost website traffic, even the best SEO experts cannot promise specific keyword rankings. 

Search engine rankings are something that we cannot fully control.

Take a long pause when someone promises you they can achieve something outside their control. 

SEO practices require realistic time estimates and results. Therefore, we cannot provide an SEO guarantee. Instead, an SEO team should focus on delivering consistent work that follows SEO best practices. 

Effective search engine optimization includes performing appropriate keyword research, creating relevant content, and optimizing product pages for optimum results.

Should You Trust Agencies That Make an SEO Services Guarantee?

Before doing business with any agency, it is wise to question their work’s ethics, integrity, and efficacy. No SEO services can come with a 100% guarantee. Therefore, an SEO company that promises to increase traffic and website rankings from an organic search cannot be trusted. These agencies often employ black-hat practices that violate Google’s terms of service.

Black-hat companies plan to reach specific search engine rankings by using deceitful and unethical methods to trick Google’s algorithm rather than using organic SEO practices to achieve an organic ranking. With trickery and manipulation, it is no surprise that most do not accept guaranteed SEO rankings as legitimate.

All business owners should know: due to the evolution and innovation of search engines today, these tricks are easily detected and can result in your website getting penalized. 

These penalties can cause your rankings to suffer and leave your business worse than when you began.

When offering an SEO service guarantee, SEO agencies commonly take control of the wheel and handle every aspect of the process. While a service guarantee may seem like a relief to the small business owner, it can damage your business in the long run. Agencies promise high rankings and aim to accomplish this goal by choosing irrelevant keywords for your business or acquiring toxic links that artificially connect you to unrelated websites.

A high ranking is not enough to help your business grow. 

To see an increase in growth, you must reach your target audience by using relevant keywords that appeal to your target consumer group. When you sign up for services with an SEO service guarantee, agencies choose keywords for your business. 

Unfortunately, they often do not choose relevant keywords but relatively common keywords that they know will easily rank on search engines. These keywords will produce a higher ranking for your website; however, this ranking will lack stability and can vary based on date, device, and location. 

These practices will not help your business or attract an appropriate customer base. 

A lack of keyword clarity is one of the many stipulations in a contract allowing agencies that offer these services to be deceitful.

Agencies that offer SEO service guarantees frequently use marketing ploys to make a more significant profit off of their lackluster services. These agencies promise a discount if they do not meet the predetermined results. Often, these discounts include a month of free service if they are not successful in reaching a high ranking. While this may seem like a bargain deal, it typically results in the agency doing little to no work for your business during this trial period.

SEO agencies offering SEO service guarantees are doing so under false pretenses. It is wise to avoid these fraudulent claims and invest your money in services that benefit your business’s growth and reputation.

The Most Common SEO Guarantees

You can be sure that any SEO service guarantee is an empty promise. SEO companies may offer services related to these guaranteed results that we must disregard.

Guaranteeing a first-page ranking for a determined amount of keywords

Arguably the most common SEO service guarantee is a first-page ranking for a predetermined set of keywords. They complete this impractical promise using black-hat methods to obtain an unstable ranking for irrelevant keywords. It cannot produce a guaranteed result and harm your digital marketing and success.

A specific percentage increase in organic web traffic visiting from search engines

More traffic is not equivalent to more business. Increased website traffic can help your business succeed; however, if black-hat practices attract traffic, it is unlikely to increase conversions.

Implementation of one-size-fits-all SEO services packages

Successful SEO practices do not offer a one-size-fits-all approach. For a process to prove beneficial, An agency must create a custom-tailored package based on the company, industry, location, and competition. An SEO agency that provides SEO service guarantees utilizes a one-size-fits-all method. These services come with a high price tag and provide little to no return on investment.

Setting Expectations For SEO Services

SEO services are a powerful and dependable way to get new customers. An experienced SEO agency will improve sales, customer engagement, and brand awareness. Setting clear expectations for SEO services is a great way to find quality services from a dependable agency.

A key factor to remember is that you cannot carry out a serviceable SEO campaign overnight of any scale. 

Qualities of a Successful SEO Agency

The most successful SEO agencies stay away from offering SEO service guarantees. Instead, they use their knowledge and experience to implement a strategic SEO campaign for your business. Instead of submitting a false promise of an SEO service guarantee, a qualified agency will justify its SEO practices. Using digital marketing and a well-implemented SEO campaign will increase your website through the ranks of search engine result pages organically. 

Before you hire an SEO agency, verify they have traits you would want in a long-term partner, including flexibility, knowledge, strategy, integrity, and honesty.


Search engines are often unpredictable and uncontrollable. A strategy that has proven successful in the past may not prove fruitful in the present. Reputable SEO agencies understand this and adapt to the industry and goal of the SEO campaign to achieve ideal results. If an agency is unwilling to research and adjust, it is best to avoid their services.


A well-established SEO company will be transparent and forthcoming about its strategy. Rather than offering a false sense of security, they will provide a detailed plan for your SEO campaign. View any agency as a red flag if they fail to keep you in the loop about details about your business’s growth. An agency that lacks sharp detail and structure harms the success of your business and, thus, should be avoided.


Using black-hat practices harms your business and the agency, whether they care. A robust and ethical approach is the best method to achieve desired results. A well-qualified agency will recognize this and avoid associating with these deceitful tactics.


Honesty is always the best policy. An agency willing to admit its shortcomings and create an improvement plan is a vital tool for your business. Working with an honest, straightforward company for your SEO needs will be beneficial.

If you can find an SEO firm that meets these traits, you will likely achieve your search result goals.

SEO Consultants

Employing an SEO consultant costs between $5,000 to $30,000 a month. An SEO consultant comes with quite a price tag but can significantly benefit your business.

Predicting seo results

Predicting SEO Results With Market Brew

SEO service guarantees are not dependable or ethical services. While you cannot guarantee a specific Google ranking, we can make the most knowledgeable  efforts to improve your ranking and traffic.

Market Brew's SEO software is the next best thing to a guaranteed SEO ranking. 

Market Brew combines artificial intelligence and expertise to provide unsurpassed professional SEO insights and recommendations. Market Brew is a statistical tool built by search engineers that built a calculated search engine model to compare with your preferred search engines. 

Market Brew works to predict SEO results and assist businesses with growth strategies. 

The software acts as a search engine to identify strategic gaps and highlight improvement areas. Users can then use Market Brew’s insights to make changes to their website. 

From there, business owners, SEO directors, and marketing professionals can preemptively test the website changes in the calibrated search engine model to forecast how they will affect their rankings. 

The insights provided by Market Brew can produce a significant increase in target traffic and engagement.

“When working with most analysis tools, it’s easy to start focusing solely on fixing all deficiencies without considering how the changes will affect the end user. Market Brew’s user customizations and transparent data enable our team to strike a balance between what will help improve outputs from the tool and what will be best for the brand.” - Ross Briggs, Director, SEO, at Red Door Interactive.

By action on Market Brew insights, Red Door Interactive saw an increase of 11.2% in website visits and a 39.6% increase in sales. This growth was made possible by Market Brew’s predictive model and high-level recommendations for increased search engine rankings.

With Market Brew in the handles of a swift and focused team, organic traffic can double due for your business. Market Brew’s tools provide tested, proven search engine ranking results. Although there is no guarantee, Market Brew provides the closest, validated insights you can get to a guaranteed SEO service.

Market Brew opens up organic search growth for businesses in various industries. To help you make the most of Market Brew, you can expect experienced SEO professionals available for customer service. 

Search engine optimization results can take weeks, months, or even years to affect your company’s development. Help your business succeed by teaming up with Market Brew. 

Book a demo today to explore Market Brew’s incomparable SEO software for users, built by search engineers.